Kistolmács Lake

Kistolmács Lake Only 5 miles away from Letenye, Kistolmács is a 200 people village. The pearl of the village and the region is the 12ha beautiful lake. Oil drillings researches caused a seismic eruption thus opening a clearwater well. The idea of the water reservoire came at this very moment, which was at the end of the 1980s. Finally, Zalaerdő Ltd, Letenye and Kistolmács initiation, involving hydraulic engineers at the building of the lake. This artificial lake charmes in every seaseon: the magic face of the nature and the intact environment locks tourists and visitors every year: summertime invites beach-lovers, spring and autumn is ideal for the family outings and excursions, skaters invade the lake in wintertime. Except the ban-period fishermen arrive to hunt the bait.

Arboretum of Budafa

Arboretum of Budafa A unique place in the heart of county Zala is the Arboretum of Budafa, situated 10 miles from Letenye. The planting was initially started in the 1950s. The park itself has 50ha by now. It hosts several species of trees from Northern Europe, Asia and North-America. Over 220 – mainly trees and bushes make up the majority of the plants at present. The azaleas give a rare and pleasant view in May each year. The Arboretum of Budafa offer – besides the pleasant relaxation and outings – the complete adventures of the tourist roads, resting places, fountains, as well as research and experimental spots for mapping and discovering the Zala forrestry.

Nostalgic train

Nostalgic train Only five miles from Letenye, Kistolmács is one of the end-stations of the Zala county nostalgic railways. The train runs from 1st May till 30th September of the year. The light railway has a 100 km run through the ups-and-downs of the Zala slopes, woods. There are three end-stations on its way: Lenti, Csömödér and Kistolmács. Every second Sunday the favourite of the small ones is on its way through the hills: Ábel, the steam loco that originally comes from Transylvania. Several thousands of visitors arrive to take a trip on the light railway, and to enjoy other sights of the surroundings. The track crosses several touristic sights as well: the Kerka Valley, the Beech Deepforrest of Vétyem. The unforgettable feeling and the unmatched Zala surroundigs is worth a journey, which provides pleasant relaxation at the same time.

Thermal spas

County Zala is the paradise of health and thermal spas. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come here to cure themselves during the summertime.

Thermal Spa of Letenye

Thermal Spa of Letenye Letenye is proud of its thermal spa, which is a new building in the park of the Szapáry-castle. The water erupts at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, and is available in three pools: children's, swimming and sitting pools. All pools are filled with thermal water. The facility is open during the summer season.

Thermal Spa of Bázakerettye

Thermal Spa of Bázakerettye Only 7 miles from Letenye, the Bázakerettye thermal spa is hugged by amazing natural environment. The spa and the thermal bath is open from middle of May till the middle of September. The picturesque facility has three pools to offer:

  • sports-pool (filled with cold water)
  • sitting and adventure pool (filled with thermal water)
  • jacuzzi (with thermal water)

The beach and the surroundings offer great relaxation for those looking for the guests.

Lenti spa and thermal bath

Lenti spa and thermal bath One of the most complex spa and thermal bath is situated 13 miles from Letenye. The facility is open the whole year to welcome the visitors looking for relaxation, bathing adventures. Its multiple and vivid services of high quality await visitors with a great variety of programmes. The adventure and wellness, healthcare, energy-park, and beauty farm all contribute to fulfill the expectations of the visitors at the highest quality possible.

The countryside of Zala

The countryside of Zala The diverse landscape of Zala, with its curvy roads crossing the hills enchants visitors looking for relaxation. The Beech Deepforrest of Vétyem, the Budafa Arborétum, the fishing lakes, thermal spas, the light railway – all offer a great time to spend here. The Zala Wineroute is very popular among wine enthusiasts. The national Blue Tour runs along the land of Zala community as well, which is a preferred route for the hikers. It was in Bázakerettye where the first researching drillings were executed by the oil industry. That's why Bázakerettye is called the cradle of Hungarian oil industry. We may have an insight of the history of oil in Hungary by visiting the small museum in Bázakerettye. Being a borderline settlement an excursion to Croatia and Slovenia is not much of a distance to do, thus getting to know some parts of these countries as well.

Fishing in Tótszerdahely

Fishing in Tótszerdahely Only 5 miles from Letenye you may find Tótszerdahely, which hosts the 5 hectar private run fishing lakes, open for the enthusiasts from early spring till late autumn. The lakes and their surroundings have been designed to be able to accomodate not only fishing fans but also the accompanying families and friends. The fireplaces, the playground and the park offer a variety of leisure time activities to spend the time with, while the head of the family is busy fishing.

A wide variety of fish is to be found in the lakes: catfish, tench, bream, carp, pike, fogas. Fishing is only possible after the purchase of a daily ticket available at the lake. The ticket includes only the fishing, fish for taking away home is extra charged.

Price of the daily ticket: 900,- HUF/Pers./day. For further information: +36-93/720-004

Fishing rules and instructions:

  • Fishing time: every day from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m.
  • Vehicles are to be stored on the designated parking lot.
  • Fishing only permitted by two rods and 3 hooks each rod per person.
  • No littering and undescent behaviour at and around the lakes. The fishing rules and instructions are to be followed!
  • Scoop net may include fish for take-away only.
  • Weighing of the fish is to be done at the Fishermen's Csárda.

Bussay Wine Cellar – take an inside look at wine in Zala

Bussay Wine Cellar – take an inside look at wine in Zala Dr. László Bussay's family run wine cellar is located in Csörnyeföld, only 8 miles from Letenye. An area that covers almost 5.5 hectars has a history of a decade. Main species of grape are following: riesling italico, white riesling, grey monk (szürkebarát), tramini. The winery proceeds only the own production. The wine is fermented in 1000 litre wooden barrels and sold after bottling. The features of the location of the winery make it possible to produce unique bouguet and quality of wines. The winery is ambitiously designed in an idyllic surroundings and great panoramic view. Visitors are expected with a processing room and a separate room for 15 persons for sampling and tasting. Outside there is enough space to welcome up to 35-40 people. After necessary pre-arrangements all guests are welcome for wine-tasting.

Hunting in Zala

Hunting in Zala Quiet, natural surroundings – the Zala landscape has its original shapes and values preserved. Intact land to host and shelter wild animals – an ideal hideaway for them. The characteristics of the Zala woods is of great advantage from the wildlife's point of view. You may find the greatest beech and oak forrests here, the best to hide big games. The region is an ideal place to grow deers up to their 14-16 year of age, when their trophy is at its greatest size. A huge number of wild-boars, fallow deers and roes. Also an ideal shelter is this place for small games: fox, wild rabbit and pheasant... The woods of Zala are really popular among hunters due to the great number of games to be found here. In case of demand we may organise for licenced hunters the hunting tour in Zala. If required we may also serve wild courses beyond the menu.

Riding the bike in Zala

Riding the bike in Zala We live in a world that is constantly under time-pressure. There is a demand for quiet country life including the necessary relaxation. This is now also available for those, who adore riding the bicycle. Bike tourism is a growing, expanding segment of tourism. Weekends are a great time for hopping into the saddle of the bike and leave the city life behind. Zala is the ideal shelter for hosting those who are running away to relax under the hills and in the valleys of the county. Small country roads, natural landscape are enchanting the visitor. The South Zala Bike Track is as long as 60 miles, curving and leading us through woods, roads, pods and rivers... In case of demand you may hire a bike – even equipped with a GPS-unit. Further information on bike-tours:

Visiting castles

The Castle of Lendva

the castle of Lendva (Lendava) is only a few miles from the Slovenian border. The castle itself is the cultural-historical centre of town. The 12th century found the first traces of a fort here, on the spot of the present castle. The final form of the castle was realized in the late 18th century when the Esterházy family redecorated it. Even King Matthew of Hungary visited this gracious building in 1480. The mummy of Mihály Hadik is kept here, the hero of the battles against Turkish troops. The castle hosts a museum and galleries.


The castle was built in the 15th century and got massive, great bastions to be a solid piece in protection against Turkish attacks. The settlement is in Slovenia. The castle itself is in a great yard with arcades, the facade is decorated with sculptures. The castle today hosts museums of ethnic and archeological collections.

Csáktornya (Cakovec) – Zrinski Castle

The territory where the castle is situated used to belong to Hungary, today is belongs to Croatia. Previously known as Csáktornya, the present name is Cakovec, separated from county Zala after World War I. The history of town is in close connection with the history of the Zrínyi (Zrinski) family. The settlement is first noticed in 1267 as the accomodation estate of the Zrínyi family. The estates of the Zrínyi family have been alienated by the Austrian nobility. The castle is made up from the Zrinski fort of the 16th - 17th century and the old baroque style castle. The redecoration has been started, the building hosts the Medimurje Museum at present.

Varasd (Varazdin) – The Castle of Varasd

Several masters of the Varasd Castle changed each other by the end of the 16th century. The castle itself is the centre of the baroque city centre. The historical city centre's northern part is dominated by its greatness. The Old Castle hosts the Varasd Museum since 1925. The Museum of History and Insects, the grey friars, the capuchin order and the orsolyita cloisters are also accomodated here.

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